Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Lattes and Other News

I think Trader Joe's being a block away from where I live is going to be my downfall. I've already been there twice since it opened. But to be fair, I needed two receipts so that both my husband and I could enjoy free lattes at South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co. in Clarendon this weekend. All we needed to do to get that great deal was to show a receipt from Trader Joe's. So the two shopping trips were worth every sip of those delicious free lattes! The deal ends today so make plans to stop at both places if you're in the neighborhood.

Speaking of my new neighborhood grocery store, a really nice thing happened on Friday. The Clarendon Culture blog showcased some of the photos I took from the Trader Joe's opening. You can see the post here. Clarendon Culture often showcases a lot of Arlington eats, among other neighborhood news, so definitely check out the site. It's one of my favorite daily reads.

If you're new to my blog, or even if you've been following my site for awhile, please take a minute to "like" my page on Facebook. Just click here or you can search for "Cooking in Clarendon" on Facebook to sign up that way. I'm posting recipes that catch my eye (that I may not have gotten to try yet) and other food-related news. Sometimes it's just easier that way, especially with a toddler running around (or with me running after my toddler, that is).

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful, unseasonably warm fall day!

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