Friday, March 16, 2012

Fabulous Food Friday: 2Amys

After several years of hearing great things about 2Amys, a lovely Neapolitan-style restaurant just north of Georgetown, Chris, Claire and I finally snuck into town one lovely Friday afternoon to try it out.

Perhaps it's my Italian heritage or just because Chris and I both love pizza, we tend to be a little picky about where it comes from.

Thankfully, we were not disappointed with 2Amys.

Sitting next to the front window, we both ordered the sought-after Margherita pizzas (mine included cherry tomatoes as pictured above), glasses of Hop Pocket Ale, a great choice to go with the pizza, and an appetizer of potato and prosciutto croquettes, which were delicious (and which Claire actually enjoyed too).

When the pizza arrived, Chris and I gave each other a knowing glance that confirmed even before we took a taste that this would be delicious. And it was.

Baked in a wood-burning oven and layered with a perfect tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, basil, and cherry tomatoes, Ms. Margherita wooed us with every bite, making 2Amys the best pizza we've eaten in town.

We had enough room to split dessert and we ordered the sfogliatelle, a made-from-scratch pastry filled with a slightly sweet ricotta and semolina mixture, and served with fiore di latte ice cream. The pastry was light and just lovely combined with the ice cream. 2Amys website says it's only available on Friday evenings, so I guess we got lucky being there that night.

Since we've had a child with us for the last 20 months, we have grown accustomed to eating at restaurants that are a little more child-friendly, and 2Amys was quite accommodating. There were a number of other kids there at the same time too. That said, we hear that 2Amys can fill up quickly so if you have kids and want to avoid a wait, go early.

We enjoyed our little jaunt into the city, and 2Amys makes living nearby worthwhile.

3715 Macomb Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Chris enjoying his Hop Pocket Ale
Homemade sfogliatelle, available only on Friday nights

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